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                Discover a variety of multi-generational programs and resources that engage children and adults in active exploration of art.


                Family Programs at the National Gallery of Art are based on a philosophy of slowing down, focusing on one work of art, developing observation and thinking skills, inspiring curiosity and wonder, and fostering collaboration between children and adults. Many of the programs are age-specific, while others are designed for a broader age range. Please note that some programs require advance registration while others have onsite sign-in on the date of the program. All Family Programs are free, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

                Virtual Artful Conversations

                Ages 7-12

                Films for Children and Teens

                Ages 4 and up

                Art Investigator Tours

                Ages 4–7

                Family Workshops

                Ages 8–11


                All Ages

                Family Days

                All Ages


                Check out this selection of free resources, designed to enhance your visit and to explore art from home.

                Scavenger Hunt: National Gallery of Art in your Neighborhood
                All Ages

                Grab pencil and paper to record discoveries you make as you explore.

                Juego de la búsqueda del tesoro: La National Gallery of Art en tu barrio
                Todas las edades

                Toma papel y lápiz para registrar tus descubrimientos que haga mientras explora.

                Art Tales for Pre-K
                Ages 2–5

                Explore artworks with your children, read books with related themes, and try your hand at making some art of your own.  

                Primeros Pasos en el Arte Para Prekínder y Recortes
                Edades 2–5

                Explorar obras de arte con sus hijos, leer libros de temas afines y probar suerte creando alguna pieza artística propia.

                Look Together
                All Ages

                Make connections with art and each other by using these conversation starters online or at the Gallery.

                Miremos Juntos
                Todas las Edades

                Conecta con el arte y con los demás utilizando estos iniciadores de conversación en línea o en La Galería.

                NGAkids Art Zone
                All Ages

                Create art online with twenty digital interactives.

                An Eye for Art
                All Ages

                Explore 50 artists in the collection through illustrations and activities.

                Audio Tour
                Ages 7–11

                Learn about some of the world's greatest paintings through this engaging, self-guided audio tour.

                Video Tour
                Ages 7–11

                Take a closer look at some of the paintings on display in the West Building and explore people, places, and surprising scenes from distant lands and times.

                Find answers to some of the most common questions families pose to education staff. View FAQs

                Explore workshops designed for students in grades 7 through 12.

                Sign-language interpreters and guides for visitors who are blind or have low vision are available for programs. Please call (202) 842-6905 or email [email protected] three weeks in advance for an appointment.  Learn more