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                Volunteer Opportunities

                Art Information Volunteers

                Art information volunteers welcome visitors on behalf of the National Gallery of Art and provide assistance in a variety of ways to make every experience of the Gallery as rich and rewarding as possible. Volunteers provide information to visitors about the Gallery, its permanent collection, special exhibitions, public programs, and facilities.

                Gallery Archives

                Volunteers in the archives assist with projects that make the Gallery’s unique archival holdings discoverable. Volunteer work may include rehousing materials, creating box lists, and assisting with digitization projects. For more information on volunteer opportunities in the Gallery Archives, please send your résumé to [email protected].


                For information on volunteer opportunities in the National Gallery of Art Library, please send your résumé to:
                Reference Librarian

                [email protected]

                Teen Volunteer Program

                The department of teacher, school, and family programs recruits local high school student volunteers for the fall and spring terms. Student volunteers assist with clerical and administrative tasks that support the department's education programs.

                Docent Program

                Docents give daily tours that explore highlights of the Gallery’s permanent collection in an engaging way. At this time we are not accepting applications for the docent program.

                School Docent Program

                School docents facilitate student-centered, thematic tours for thousands of children, from age 4 through grade 12, providing rich and memorable experiences with works of art in the Gallery’s permanent collection. At this time we are not accepting applications for the school docent program.